direct marketing

Landmark On The Sound. A retirement living community

Landmark On The Sound, located on the banks of the Puget Sound, in Seattle, Washington, is a retirement living community housed in a converted Masonic Lodge. Although it had old world charm on a large estate, it was this seasoning that was proving to be a stumbling block for modern and future retirement living markets. The marketing team at SB&A advertising, of which I was a part, put forward the strategy that in the retirement living field with the expansive natural estate and its proximity coupled the latest thinking to the quaint town of Des Moines on the Puget Sound, creating a “living free” concept with ample room to grow and be part of the larger community. Architectural experts were brought in to design more modern living homes and amenities for those over 60. We produced collateral material for distribution and placed sales staff on the premises. Within a year we had met our objective of increased traffic.

Direct marketing print collateral was created and distributed to potential residents throughout the region.