Lombardi Cancer Center

As a member on the creative component of the new business development team with Williams Whittle Advertising, I was involved in a new business pitch for the Lombardi Cancer treatment center. Lombardi Cancer center offers the latest innovative approaches to cancer treatments and care but was not top of mind as a preferred partner to those looking for the best options. We decided that empowering people would have a direct influence over doctors when it came to referrals for treatment. So the target for messaging would not be the medical community, but the general public. The expected approach to communicating cancer treatment centers at the time was to showcase the clinical and technical aspects of care and intervention, e.g, the staff, the treatments, etc…. Our strategy was to brand Lombardi from a human perspective using former patients. The examples shown here are what was presented to get buy in before fleshing out into other channels. Our work came in second in a field of five competing agencies and although we did not get the full account, we were invited in on later project assignments.